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The E-Lume-A-Path™ Lighting system utilizes FLATLITE® electroluminescent lamp to clearly indicate exit paths in dark or smoke filled passages. People who may be unfamiliar with the building layout will have a better chance of seeing and finding existing emergency exits.

FLATLITE lamps are a truly differentiating source of light over other lighting technologies due to its visibility and ability to withstand shock and vibration. Since there is no filament to break, there cannot be a catastrophic failure, assuring it will light when needed. In addition, FLATLITE is environmentally friendly with no hazardous materials and is maintenance free.

A system consisting of 1000 feet of continuous light will draw less than 150 watts of power, enabling use of standard battery systems for backup of 8 hours or more with no degradation of light output.

Electroluminescent lighting technology is proven to have superior visibility over all other conventional lighting in smoke and fog. FLATLITE emits a field of light, not a point source. Green-Blue color does not impair night vision and is visible from considerable distances.


Easy To Install

  • Utilizes our exclusive E-Lume-A-Path™ Raceway & Track extrusion system for mounting on wall surfaces with standard hand tools and off-the-shelf fittings and accessories
  • Coils of FLATLITE lamp are cut to length on site using ordinary scissors and specially designed connectors
  • Controller can be located several hundred feet from each lamp termination with power wiring in the form of a single pair of standard 18 gauge stranded wire


  • System can be wired redundantly to feed the lamp from both ends simultaneously
  • Lamp can be spliced together or lengths can be added in the field
  • The ELAP system is UL listed with a design life of over 30 years

System Controller
The E-Lume-A-Path system controller is an integrated AC power supply/inverter operating on standard line voltages, supplying split electrode, electroluminescent FLATLITE lamp. The controller incorporates standard lead acid batteries and an automatic switching relay to ensure uninterrupted operation of the pathway marking system in the event of loss of the building power supply. External control inputs activate the system via a signal from fire alarm or other emergency systems. The system can be designed as completely stand alone or engineered as an addressable location on any Fire Alarm system. Multiple controllers can be wired together for installations requiring more than a single controller capacity or
where multiple zones may be desired.

The E-Lume-A-Path™ (ELAP) Egress Path Marking System is a low level path marking and lighting system that provides a floor level, uninterrupted lighted path to safety while highlighting the doors of the appropriate emergency exits. The E-Lume-A-Path Egress Path Marking System is activated by input signals from fire alarm or other emergency systems. The system automatically activates in the event of a power failure with battery backup maintaining the system operation for over 4 hours at full load.

The E-Lume-A-Path™ System (ELAP) consists of a system controller, ¼” FLATLITE® electroluminescent light strip, and the ClearTrak nonmetallic lamp fixture system. The strip of lamp is then connected to the controller using distribution wiring. The controller is connected to the existing building power grid and to the fire alarm system through standard signal interface. In addition, the system can include optional low level EXIT signs along the path of travel and at designated exit doors.

These components combine to create a highly flexible system designed for ease of installation in new construction or retrofit installations:

‎►Model EP1500 System Controller
‎►Up to 1500 linear feet (450 Meters) of FLATLITE ¼ inch wide strip
‎►Lamp connectors with leads
‎►ClearTrak clear nonmetallic linear lamp fixture system
‎►WhiteTrak white nonmetallic linear lamp fixture system (optional)
‎►Wiremold® 400 blank end fittings and junction boxes.
‎►Low Level EXIT sign(s) (optional)
‎►Distribution wiring: The E-Lume-A-Path System is classified as a Class 1 Power Limited System per NFPA 70, National Electric Code (NEC) Section 725. Two conductor, 18 AWG stranded wire is recommended for lamp distribution.

The E-Lume-A-Path™ Egress Path Marking System is listed to Underwriters Laboratories Standard 1994 for Floor Proximity Path Marking Systems. The Low Level Exit Signs also meet UL’s Standard 924 for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment when used with the EP1500 controller.


Line Input Power: 100-270 VAC, 50/60Hz, Normal standby load – 5 watts; Active load – 125 watts at maximum load.

System Activation Control Signal Options:
‎►Contact Closure (load of 12vdc at 20ma)
‎► +10-24vdc (at 6-12ma load)
‎►Contact Opening (load of 12vdc at 20ma)
‎► Loss of line power

Controller Output: Nominal 210VAC at 600Hz, Power limited circuit with a maximum ampacity of less than 1.5 amps at full load of 1500 Linear Feet / 4500 square inches of FLATLITE lamp.




A hallway utilizing E-Lume-A-Path.

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